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Tiled Shower tray/base/kit
It is a lightweight flush floor panel with pre-made falls to drain, and is coated with a cementitious layer ready to receive a tiled surface.

Olingen®-BEST shower trays are designed to create a “walk in”shower area.

Olingen®-BEST Wetroom Shower Trays/base are manufactured from high density extruded polystyrene, it have a 100% closed cell structure, means that the water can't penetrate into the tray.The rigid insulating core is coated with a specially formulated reinforced cementitious coating that provides a hard wearing robust surface perfect for the application of tiles. The trays have inbuilt falls to the drain location.
Floors in bathrooms and shower areas will get wet. On unprotected timber floors this can create problems if the grout fails or cracks, as this can lead to tiles lifting if water seeps through to the timber floor causing it to swell and warp. The Olingen®-BEST wetroom solution eliminates this problem by allowing you to create a fully waterproofed floor. The trays are totally compatible with electrical underfloor heating.
Our wetroom systems range incorporates over many different tray sizes and a range of ancillary materials to complete your installation. In addition to our extensive range of standard trays we also provide a bespoke tray fabrication service and can manufacture a shower tray to suit site specific sizes and drain outlet positions.


Size Thickness Drain Position
800*800mm 20/40mm Centre
900*900mm 20/40mm Centre
1000*1000mm 20/40mm Centre/Offset
1200*1200mm 20/40mm Centre/Offset
800*1200mm 20/40mm Centre/Offset
900*1200mm 20/40mm Centre/Offset
800*1500mm 25/40mm Offset
900*1500mm 25/40mm Offset
We accept customized shape, size, drain position

The Olingen®-BEST horizontal shower drain
It is designed for using with Olingen®-BEST  shower trays,key features and benefits include:
80mm maximum depth below the Olingen®-BEST Shower Tray
40mm diameter connector to mains,50mm diameter connecting elbow
Comes with extension frames for thicker tiles
Stainless steel drain grille (115mm)
54 litres per minute flow rate