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Thermal construction boards
Olingen®-BEST Thermal construction boards are ideal for two primary purposes; as a superior waterproof surface to fix wall or floor tiles and as a first class heat insulation for underfloor heating systems.
A tile backing you can rely on
Tiling practice today is demanding. Designers want scope, contractors need speed and satisfied clients are paramount. Olingen®-BEST thermal construction board delivers even/time.
Olingen®-BEST thermal construction is so much more than just an item of building material. It combines a number of impressive properties in one product.
Manufactured to the highest specification, Olingen®-BEST tile backer board is the benchmark for dimensionally stable, impervious and durable tiling boards. Shower or steam room, house or hotel, Olingen®-BEST tile backer board is the safe choice. Common installation failures due to water ingress or unsuitable materials such as plywood or plasterboard are banished to the past.
It is available in different thicknesses and has become a genuine all-rounder because it is so flexible and easy to process.
The strength of Olingen®-BEST thermal construction is the composite construction. The hard extruded foam core is reinforced both sides with a fibreglass mesh and special mortar. Strong and lightweight, Olingen®-BEST thermal construction is recommended for use over any substrate or construction. No longer is it necessary to render and plaster new walls or remove old tiles or plaster. Use Olingen®-BEST thermal construction and tiling can start straight away.
Create partitions, insulate a floor for electrical underfloor heating, or make a bath panel. Olingen®-BEST  board is the versatile board for all tiling. Whether it is being used as a carrier material on a wall, to clad old substructures and pipes, as a substructure system on the floor, or used to create bathroom furniture, for example, each shape, however sophisticated it is, can be produced individually with Olingen®-BEST thermal construction boards.
Only imagination can limit the use of Olingen®-BEST thermal construction board


Unique benefits
*    Lightweight
Easy to transport and handle. No extra static load requirements when used on timber floors, balcony roofs and attic conversions.
*    High strength
Suitable for heavy duty applications. Olingen®-BEST BOARD can hold a tile weight of 60kg per square metre, double that of standard lining board and with a high compressive strength of 35 tonnes/m2 Olingen®-BEST BOARD can be used on virtually any tiled floor.
*    Impervious to Moisture
Remains dimensionally stable, even in high humidity situations.Being completely waterproof, as opposed to merely water resistant, means that no water at all can be absorbed into the core of the Olingen®-BEST BOARD. This means that they will not bend, bow or distort in the way that plasterboard can for example.
Olingen®-BEST BOARD can be used as a waterproofing tile backer board in many situations including wetrooms, steam rooms and even swimming pools.
*    Insulation
Minimal heat transfer to adjacent materials e.g. at window sills, ground bearing concrete slabs and external applications. XPS (extruded polystyrene) is one of the most effective insulation materials available and also has the benefit that its thermal insulation properties are not affected whatsoever by wet or damp conditions. Other softer insulation materials absorb water and when that happens they effectively stop providing insulation. 
*    Workability
Quick and simple to work with. Easy to create curves and profiles. Time saving = cost saving.
*    Versatile
Suitable for use on metal and timber studwork, or on existing floors and walls to cover unstable and uneven surfaces.
Technical Properties

Property  Assessed   to Rating
Xps Density DIN 53420 36 ± 0.02   kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity EN 12167 0.033 W/m.K
Compressive Strength (10% deflection) EN 826 300 kPa (30 tonnes/m2)
Flexural Strength ASTM C203 0.30   ± 0.02 MPa
Water Absorption (2-day immersion) ISO2896 0.2% by volume
Water Absorption (Capillary) DIN 53428 Zero
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistivity (µ) DIN 52615 110 - 225 µ
Water Vapour Permeability ASTM E-96 0.028 ng/Pa.m.s
Maximum Tile Loading Weight CERAM121107 60kg/m2
Flammability EN 13501 Class E
Impact Sound Reduction BS-ISO140- dLw = 21
EU controlled substances conten N/A none

Size information
Thickness(mm) width(mm) length(mm) Weight (kg/m²) packaging
6 600 1250 2.7 20pcs/carton
10 600/900 1250/2500 2.9 20pcs/carton
12 600/900 1250/2500 3.0 20pcs/carton
20 600/900 1250/2500 3.2 10pcs/carton
30 600 1250/2500 3.4 10pcs/carton
50 600 1250/2500 4.3 6pcs/carton
* Dimensional tolerances for standard boards: Thickness +/- 1.5mm, Width+/- 2mm, Length +/- 2mm 
* The boards should be stored dry and flat. Slight bowing caused by incorrect storage or transport, for example, is not permanent and does not represent a technical defect. Slight curving can be rectified through storing the boards flat.