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  • Thermal construction boards
  • Olingen®-BEST Thermal construction boards are ideal for two primary purposes; as a superior waterproof surface to fix wall or floor tiles and as a first class heat insulation for underfloor heati...
  • Tiled Shower tray/base/kit
  • It is a lightweight flush floor panel with pre-made falls to drain, and is coated with a cementitious layer ready to receive a tiled surface.
  • Curved board
  • Olingen®-BEST curved board have a scored surface to one face allowing the board to bend easily around pre-formed sub structures,creative pre-scored panels open up a whole new range of possibiliti...
  • Hanging toilet backer board
  • Olingen®-BEST toilet board is a type of repid installation board with well round dug in advance.It is based on the installation characteristics of frame of the concealed tank.With Olingen®-BEST ...
  • Pipe Boxing
  • L and U-shaped components, the pre-fabricated elements made from Olingen®-BEST constuction boards are particularly used for cladding bathtubs and shower trays
  • Shower Niche
  • Preformed ready to tile shower niches
    Made of high-density expand polystyrene foam insulation boards being coated on  a layer of polymer cement.
  • XPS Shower tray
  • OLINGEN shower tray is made of XPS foam board with fiberglass and waterproof cement coating on both sides. It is easily to be cut into any size or shape and forms a floor level. It is designed sev...
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