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Birck panel with fiber glass mesh
Easy to handle and durable, our brick-tiles (slips) are being increasingly used in new, renovated or extended building (in and outside).

Easy to handle and durable, our brick (slips) are being increasingly used in new, renovated or extended building (in and outside).

Red, dappled, yellow, brown or white Brick, more then 100 different colors are available in various shapes and sizes.  Apart from the color, the surface and the size determine the character and effect of a brick. The architecture, regional customs and your own taste determine the choice of the brick, also with regard to its surface properties.

All of our brick will be delivered per m2, (corner brick per piece) and suitable for our Joint Alignment System.  For our BRICK PANELS SYSTEM, we use the same brick except the Lime stone tiles (technical not possible)

The brick format is 200х60х15 mm

The beautiful old traditional format pleasantly calming effect.

The brick format is 170х60х15 mm

For a special appearance- rustic and elegant.

The brick format is 110x60x15 mm



The economical standard size. 
The brick is characterized by its dominant effect.

The brick format is 80х60х15 mm

This slim format has been the most widely used since the introduction of standardization - good surface effect.

Other formats/dimensions on request.
Our light brick facing tiles made of specially selected clays and with XPS board in it.
As a result, they are extremely dense with a water absorption rate of only 2 to 6 % (some exceptions).  
All facing bricks are frost-resistant, dimensionally stable and color fast. 
Quality standards for the bricks are laid down in the European product standards.