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    Water absorption rate/≤5.
    Alkali resistance (48h) / the surface of the sample is without cracks, no drum, no peeling,
      as compared with a non-soaked portion, it is allowing a slight color changed, no abnormal.
♦    Flexibility/ may according on request design a cylindrical bent with 200mm diameter, all 3
      of samples are without cracks.
    Stain resistance/ flat-shape%≤5≤10 level 1, three-dimensional shape level ≤1≤2.
♦    Temperature variability/all 5 recycling samples are without cracks, drum, no peeling, no
       obviously color change, no abnormal.
    Durability/≥500h no cracks, no drums, no peel off, powdering≤1, discoloration≤2500h no
      powdering, powdering up to zero level.