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Lots of modern buildings are made using timber or metal stud frames that are then lined with plaster board or wooden panels. Olingen®-BEST board is the ideal alternative for lining such walls because unlike wood or plaster, Olingen®-BEST boards are fully
Olingen®-BEST boards can be applied directly to solid walls simply with tile adhesive. Olingen®-BEST boards are an ideal way to cut down on the heat lost through solid walls. Buildings with solid walls and without cavity will feel a considerable differen
Olingen®-BEST boards are ideal materials to enclose kinds of water pipes in any areas.Water pipes can quickly enclosed by only using PU adhesive and s...
Never building materials have so many advantages like Olingen®-BEST construction board .In wet areas you can design beautiful and practical products l...
When installing bath tubs at home,bath tubs always need to be enclosed and tiled with kinds of modified tiles.It's time labor consuming.Hower Olingen®-BEST® construction boards help to finish this hard job easier.In the process of installation,Olingen®-BE
You are now one step closer to creating a stunning wet room for your home. A wetroom is morden.watertight solution replacing the traditional bathroom with an easy access shower area that is simple to clean and features a minimalistic design.With Olingen®
Olingen®-BEST thermal tilebacker boards are well suited to underfloor and under tile heating applications. Offering excellent thermal properties, high density and moisture proof. Installed below underfloor heating cables or mats on an existing un-insulate
Olingen®-BEST thermal construction boards provide excellent substrates for inerior floors.When applied over a wooden substrate,JBEST board act as a waterproof membrane and create a superior bonding surface for ceramic tile.
When installed over concrete floors,Olingen®-BEST building boards function as a crack-isolation membrane,as cracks are not likely to transfer through the polystyrene core of the boards.the polystyrene foam also acts as a moisture barrier,thus,when the sea